The Human Fable is a collective journal of unfamiliar fables from humans all around the world.  Once a month, a featured video is presented from one selected country in the world.



The Human Fable was born at a time when human unity and connection became more urgent than ever before. 

Long ago, our early ancestors had a different view on life.  They were repeatedly at the crossroads of life and death, and without the teamwork and cooperation from other tribes, survival would not be an option.   

Survival is still the only option today, by any means necessary.  Through the collection of fables across the globe, citizens of the world will have the opportunity to share a little of the fire that they have kept burning for centuries.  More importantly, they will share an unfamiliar reality in their own country: one that is determined through politics and unprecedented issues that have otherwise become the norm.  

The people have the power, yet their fables and the ones before them, hold as a reminder of a richer power; that of which is in the form of human dignity.  Something that we should all be entitled to is considered in some parts no more rare than a four-leaf clover.

As we start to piece together the clues to our own internal puzzles, we will slowly notice that we are a lot more similar than we think we are.